Niederegger Marzipan Cherry Praline - Counter Display - 680g/24.2 Oz

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\nItem No. NIE130109\nUPC Code: 4000161130109\n\n\n{Description}\n\n \nNiederegger Marzipan Cherrie Pralines - Counter Display - 680g/24.2 Oz\n40 individual Cherrie Pralines @ 17g = 680 g/24.2 Oz\nA very special kind of chocolate: a liaison between a succulent cherry and deliciously moist marzipan, robed in smooth chocolate. A seductive combination of the very highest quality.\nNet weight: 680g/24.2 Oz\nImported from Germany\n\n\n{Special instructions - PLEASE READ!}\n\n \nIf you are considering purchasing one of our Niederegger Easter products, please note that Niederegger will ship this item from Germany only\n\nstarting February 1st every season.\n\nAllowing for approx. 4 weeks transit time via DHL, the Easter Product line will only arrive about the 10th of March.\nThe merchandise has left Germany via DHL.\nWe do not have stock currently and do not expect stock as stated above, but we are allowing you to buy this product now. The Window of the buying opportunity for our customers is simply too small if we were to wait in allowing you to purchase this product only after arrival.\n\n\nFeel free to call during normal working hours (803) 548-0946 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST)
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