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Emil Reimann Stollen-Green Gift Box

Emil Reimann Dresden Gruenes Gewoelbe

Emil Reimann Dresden Gruenes Gewoelbe

Emil Reimann Dresden

Emil Reimann Dresden

Our Translation
Our Stollen Of the Year Edition "Green Vault"

Our Dresdner Stollen in the edition "Green Vault" is baked in accordance with historial baking traditions.

Only the highest quality and best raw materials are used for these original Dresdner Christ Stollen

We bake our exclusive Christmas stollen with a particular variety of Saxon Stollen Flour, and use only German brand butter and fat blends. Our almonds - sweet and bitter are (refined with a secret recipe ) - come from the best growing regions are constantly monitored.

Our refined almond processing in conjunction with our dried raisin mixture result in a unique taste. We set the highest quality standards even with the Sultaninen.

In our Stollen Edition, "Green Vault" contain only juicy and fresh Australian sultanas ow the highest quality.

The proportion of our dried fruit such as lemon / orange peel and all ingredients used is far higher than the regulated and common values. Also, we have revived the old and proven recipes for the treatment of raw materials and work strictly in accordance with the principles of artisanal baking skills.

Our secret and noble Stollen spice mixture rounds the princely taste and the specificity of our Stollen Edition "Green Vault".

Emil Reimann Dresdner Stollen - Green Gift Box

Emil Reimann Dresdner Stollen - Green Gift Box

Price: $35.95 (Excluding SC State Sales Tax at 7%)

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